SIDAC K12V1A&K12V1B K105S/K220S/K240S

SIDAC K12V1A&K12V1B K105S/K220S/K240S

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SIDAC K12V1A&K12V1B K105S/K220S/K240S

K12V1A&K12V1B K105S/K220S/K240S   China
Posted Date: July 13, 2012

Type name parameter package

K12v1a sidac vbo: 105--125, ih: <55ua, vdrm: 80v do-41
K12v1b sidac vbo: 105--125, ih: <55ua, vdrm: 80v do-15

Mainly used on Ozone generator

K120s sidac vbo: 105--125, ih: <55ua, vdrm: 80v r-1
K220s sidac vbo: 205--230, ih: <56ua, vdrm: 165v r-1
K240s sidac vbo: 220--250, ih: <56ua, vdrm: 180v r-1


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