sidac K220A/(K220B=K1V22)/(K240B=K1V24)

sidac K220A/(K220B=K1V22)/(K240B=K1V24)

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sidac K220A/(K220B=K1V22)/(K240B=K1V24)

Posted Date: July 13, 2012

K220a sidac vbo: 205--230, ih: <56ua, vdrm: 165v do-41

K220b sidac vbo: 205--230, ih: <56ua, vdrm: 165v do-15

K240b sidac vbo: 220--250, ih: <56ua, vdrm: 180v do-15

The sidac is a silicon bilateral voltage triggered switch with greater power-handling capabilities than standard diacs. Upon application of a voltage exceeding the sidac breakover voltage point, the sidac switches on through a negative resistance region to a low on-state voltage. Conduction continues until the current is interrupted or drops continues until the current is interrupted or drops.

The use of sidac diode:

1.HIgh-voltage lamp ignitors
2.Natural gas ignitors
3.Gas oil gnitors
4.High-voltage power supplies
5.Xenon ignitors
6.Over-voltage protector
7.Pulse generators
8.Flurescent lighting ignitors
9.HID lighting ignitors


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